Project Name: I Want To See The Lake!

Designer: Laura Varela

Scope: Interior Design, Cabinetry Design and Full Outfitting

Location: Stoney Point, Ontario

Details: Busy professional couple who own multiple business.



These clients purchased a great home on the lake; however, when the home was built, the stunning property’s views weren’t maximized.

It was our job to figure out the puzzle around maximizing the view from all angles of the living space.  This means opening up a wall, making windows larger, and ensuring that all furnishings are low profile so that nothing blocks the way.

We opened up the wall between the living room and sunroom.  The back wall is all patio doors that can be opened to create an indoor-outdoor dining experience.

The client decided to cove the dining area ceiling, allowing for another large window, and we added whitewashed pine so that the room feels like it belongs in nature.

Furnishings were chosen for comfort and practicality.  We especially love the 360-degree swivel chairs in the living room that can be fully turned to enjoy the sunset while sipping an after-dinner cocktail.