Project Name: Blues Clues

Scope: Bathroom Design + Project Management

Location: Chatham, Ontario

Details: Retired nurse wanting a spa-like update



This river-front home was well-preserved but a blast from the past with its black fixtures and tile.  The before was a great study in how black — a timeless colour — can be overused to a point where it doesn’t remain timeless.

The client wanted a curbless shower so that she can age in place along with a slipper bathtub.  Other than that, the sky was the limit in terms of the design.

We closed off the door at the back of the bathroom that led to a yoga room (while keeping access to that room from the primary bedroom) in order to double the size of the shower.

We used a soft, yet interesting mix of materials in this design from the blue handmade tile in a random shade mix to the large-format terrazzo floors.