Project Name: Branching Out

Scope: Bathroom Design + Project Management

Location: Chatham, Ontario

Details: Converting a spare bedroom into a spa-like bathroom.

Design: Comfortable Dwelling
Contractor: Dream Decks & Renovations



This client came to us because they had some mobility issues after surgeries and needed a seamless transition shower.  With their current bathroom being too small to support an accessible shower, they had decided to convert an unused spare bedroom instead.

Our plan was to create a focal point with the shower itself by creating an architectural detail through the tile placement.

The large-scale tiles are 2-foot by 4-foot and the entire shower was designed to have only four grout lines total making it completely low maintenance.

In order to add in plumbing on an outside wall without the risk of pipes freezing, we built the shower head out 4-inches to add insulation in behind it.  However, by not taking that all the way over on either side we were able to create two useful ledges and a lot of interest throughout.

The entire room was wrapped in a gorgeous wallcovering to bring in a lot of character and charm.  The custom vanity via Comfortable Dwelling is the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue and a great home for the softly marbled Cambria countertops.

Champagne Bronze fixtures are showcased throughout – we even added some jewelry to the toilet!