Kitchen Design Consultation Package

Every beautiful, unique, and functional kitchen begins with a deep planning process.  How much you devote to the planning process will ultimately show in the final result.

Unlike your local cabinetry studio, we can handle your entire kitchen design for you.  Cabinetry layout, flooring choices, architectural details like windows or wood beams, tile, appliances, island stools and final styling.

Our focus is on timeless kitchen design that is functional for you and your family and won’t date when the next neutral trend rolls around.  Kitchens are investments that should yield a strong positive ROI on the value of your home, not become tired and dated 5 years down the line.

Our core belief is in conscious design planning.  What that means is that we don’t just take style into consideration (though that’s certainly a factor!).  We also look at behavioural psychology to ensure your new kitchen will be friendly to your family’s mental health and well-being (more on that here) as well as sustainability and quality of materials and how they will function over time.  Conscious design means creating something that is completely personalized to you and the way you work in your home.  And it means using timeless finishes that will stand the test of time and protect your kitchen investment.

What’s Included in the Kitchen Design Consultation Package?

Kitchen Ideas Session and Concept Meeting

Understanding how you work in your kitchen, your style, and your personality is paramount to creating a unique kitchen design for you.  During our ideas session we will ask a lot of questions and look at some inspiration images to get a handle on what you like and what you don’t.

Once the concept has been developed and deemed viable by trades, we will have a second meeting to review the overall concept and firm up the budget before completing the full design.

Professional Kitchen Layout

We will complete a full kitchen layout that best utilizes the space balancing both style and function.

When completing our layouts, we always begin with how you work in the kitchen and your requirements for storage to ensure that everything has a home and that you will have the best flow when working in your new space.


Trade Day

We will host a Trade Day at the home with our trusted team of contractors and tradespeople to discuss the viability of our concepts and get rough estimates for the work before presenting our thoughts to you at the Concept + Budget Meeting.

This ensures that everything included in your final kitchen design is something that you can have within your budget and home’s restraints.


Material Selections

Our colour system helps us to choose materials and finishes that work seamlessly together to get an elevated final look.

We will choose flooring, countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, and cohesive lighting for your final design presentation that is sure to wow.


Photorealistic Rendering

Custom and Semi-Custom kitchens can easily cost $35,000 – $75,000 or more.  So being sure that you’ll love the final result before you order your kitchen is paramount.

We create photorealistic 3D renderings like the one shown here so that you can envision what your space will look like and have full confidence that your design is the right one for you.


Design Presentation and Estimates from Trusted Trade Professionals

At our final design presentation we will present the materials, renderings, and layouts so that you can see your kitchen plan come to life!

We will also walk you through our quote to complete your kitchen with our trusted trade partners.


How Long Does the Kitchen Design Consultation Take?

The process takes 6-8 weeks which is why many of our clients forego doing the planning process themselves and rely on us to do it for them.  Here is a breakdown of how those weeks will go:

Start: We begin with an ideas session and measurements of your space.  Both Heather (our Principal Interiors Pro) and Kyle (our Project Manager) will meet you at your home to do the initial assessment.  Heather will sit with you and ask a lot of questions that will help her define your design aesthetic and understand how you and your family function inside your kitchen.  Kyle will take accurate measurements of the space so that we can begin the process of layouts for trades.

Initial Concept Development:  Heather and the team will spend about 10 days pulling together the initial design concept and preparing for a Trade Day.  We will do initial layout sketches, mood boards, and initial materials selections.  This is a truly collaborative team effort done internally that requires hitting local suppliers, spending approximately 8-10 hours on drawings and planning, and putting the concept in front of multiple eyes to ensure that the concept is the very best it can be in order to meet our standards of excellence.

Trade Day: We will invite our trusted Trade partners to your home to see the space, confirm measurements, and to discuss the viability of our concept.  At this point, we will provide our team of cabinetry pros, flooring specialists, plumber, electrician, and contractor with the concept and materials selections to gather initial estimates for our Concept + Budget meeting.

Concept + Budget Meeting:  It takes 2-3 weeks to get quotes back from all of our trade vendors.  Once those are in-hand, we will pull together an initial concept + budget presentation that we will review with you at our design studio.  This will be your first chance to see the initial design concepts and make any revisions to the plan or budget before the finalized design presentation.

Develop Plan + Renderings:  Once the concept and budget are approved by you, we will get to work pulling together a photorealistic 3D rendering, cohesive lighting plan, cohesive styling plan, and finalized materials selections.  We will order samples so that you can touch and feel them during our final presentation.

Design Presentation:  After all of that work the day is finally here to review your final design presentation!  We will walk you through your complete kitchen plan including the final cabinetry selections, cohesive lighting plan, cohesive styling plan, flooring plan, tiling plan, and do a 3D walkthrough of your new kitchen on our large screen so that you’ll know exactly what the final product will look like before ordering a thing.

During this presentation we will have quotes available from our trusted trade partners and can discuss moving forward with installing the kitchen of your dreams!

How Much Does the Kitchen Design Consultation Cost?

We currently serve the areas of Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London with our Kitchen Design Consultation package.  Outside of these areas, please refer to our DIY Design Plan or Luxury Design Plan on our services page.

The investment for the entire Kitchen Design Consultation is $950 + HST.  This fee includes our design services, basic layout plan (cabinetry sizes are provided by our cabinetry specialist and are for internal use only), photorealistic 3D rendering, collection of quotes and estimates, hosted trade day, cohesive colour story, lighting story, and styling story as well as the design presentation.

What To Do Next…

Step 1:  Book Your Free Discovery Call

All of our projects begin with a complementary discovery call.  On this 30-minute call we will ask you some questions about your kitchen renovation goals to ensure that we are a good fit for your project and ensure that we can fit you into our current schedule.

This call also helps you to gauge whether we’re a fit for you also as we walk you through our process.

At the end of the call, if we both feel there’s a fit, we will review next steps and your project’s timeline.

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