Master Bedroom Design Reveal – Before + After

All right guys, time for another before and after!

I am going to walk you through the before pictures for this master bedroom redo.

So for this particular project, the client is moving into a new house. She does not want to change the colour on the walls and she does not want to change this wallpaper right here. The previous owner actually had their bed right about here in front of the window. And this particular client doesn’t love having a bed in front of the window, obviously. No matter what, you’re going to end up blocking some of the light by having a headboard. So unless you go without a headboard, definitely this room in particular does not get a ton of light.

We have a couple other issues with this room as well. Number one would be the curtain. So let’s take a look at this. These curtains are about three inches, maybe four inches too short. Really, whenever we have curtains that stop above the baseboard, what that does is it’s going to highlight the baseboard. We don’t want to highlight trim in a room, especially not when we have four inch builder basic trim inside of a house. We definitely don’t want to highlight that. And so we want to be able to take those drapes all the way to the ground, so that they’re about a centimeter, maybe off the ground. So they just kind of sweep. They don’t touch the floor, they just sweep just over the floor. So we want to bring those drapes down just a little bit. And obviously that means probably getting new drapes given that these ones are too short.

And then on the flip side, they’re also too low. Now this ceiling height right here is about eight feet, which is relatively low. And so if we don’t have at least nine foot ceilings, we definitely want to be able to bring our drapes about two inches up from the ceiling line. So it should really come closer to about here, and these draperies would come all the way up like this and go all the way down to the ground like that.

Now the third issue with these draperies is this gap right here. So, that’s just in the way that the drapery panels have been installed. This window is large enough that it needs two panels on either side. And this particular window is correct in having those two panels. But you can see the drapery hardware rod there. The security bracket is actually installed and then one full panels on one side and one full panels on the other. So, that’s just an installation issue. It’s not a really big deal to fix.

In this case we could reuse the rod, we could move it up a couple of inches, patch the wall a little bit. But when we’re reinstalling the drapery, we just want that bracket to be in the middle of a drapery panels. So that one or two grommets are on the outside of the bracket and the rest of the garments on the inside of the bracket. So we want these drapery panels, or else you’re always going to have this split. And it’s going to just look like you have two inexpensive drapery panels when we want it to look as if there is one solid panel. That’s going to give you a more custom look here. 

The other thing that we want to look at here is the lighting. This light here the standard builder basic boob light. There’s no other good way to describe it. It looks like a breast and that definitely, definitely needs to go inside of this room.

The things that we need to keep: we have a gray with a green undertone in this room. It looks a little bit blue in the picture, but it’s definitely a green undertone. And then we also have our wallpaper here that also is gray with a green undertone. So we want to keep that in mind as we’re choosing our finishes for thus space, because we want our walls and our wallpaper to still appear fresh. We don’t want them appearing dulled out. And when we have a bit of that green undertone, it could appear a little bit dulled out, if we use too many vibrant colours up against it.

And then of course we’ve got our medium brown floors that aren’t going anywhere. And they’re beautiful. And we’ve got this full wall, this whole back wall here is closet, so that’s something nice to work with.

So let’s take a look at the new design, shall we?

We flipped the bed to the wall with the wallpaper.

We replaced the light fixture with the more modern fixture. In this case, the client did not care about having a fan in there, so instead we went with a more modern light fixture with a little bit of black running through it.

We mirrored the black in this thin metal frame around the mirror. And also in the thin black frames on the artwork behind the bed. And the black stiletto legs on the bed itself. So, that is a great way to introduce a different metal on your light fixtures, to repeat it throughout the room. So we have the black repeating all the way through at the room.The drapery rod panel would also be black in this case. And a nice, thick rod.

We included these big side tables on either side as well. So scale is important.

In this particular room, the client wanted a queen size bed. And we could have fit a king size bed. However, if we did that a king size bed, we wouldn’t have had the space for this really great vanity here with these great pull out drawers for makeup. So I thought that was a better use of space for sure, especially when the client didn’t care about having a king size bed. They were totally fine having a queen.

This particular chair, you’ll see it’s pulled out a bit from the wall here, because we do have closet doors all across this back wall with five fold doors on them, so we do need to make sure that those can open. And we also needed to make sure that we have enough space here for a nice solid walkway, so you don’t bump into a chair in the middle of the night if you have to get up.

Lamps are flanking the design on either side, giving us functional lighting and lamp lighting, especially in the bedroom is just so important for a few reasons. Number one, you don’t want to be all settled into bed, maybe reading a book and all of a sudden you want to shut off and go to sleep and you have to get up to turn off the light. That’s not really fun. The other reason obviously is just creating layers of lighting creates a softer, more romantic feel inside of the bedroom.

So one last touch on this is the 6×9 rug that we have. In this case it goes about halfway under the bed, so when you’re getting out of the bed, you’re going to feel the rug underneath your feet. But it still extends out. In this case, about two feet past the end of the bed and it stops, you can’t really see it in this picture here, but it actually stops right at the edge of this dresser drawer, so that our stool for the makeup vanity can be easily pulled in and out over the hardwood floor, versus over the carpet where it’s going to get a little bit stuck. And of course we’d want to put soft pads or something like that under it so it doesn’t damage the floors, but that really gives us the ability to have a little bit more function inside of this room.

I hope you guys like the design as much as our client! Hope you guys are liking seeing some behind the scenes of how we go through the design process and some of the thoughts that really go into the function of the room.

We’ll see you next time! 

Bye for now.