Project Name: Grandma’s Got A Brand New Bag

Scope: Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Location: Chatham, Ontario

Details: Growing Family with a toddler and another on the way!



This lovely mid-century home remained in the family when the granddaughter purchased the home from her grandparents.  The young family hired us to help overhaul the kitchen and add a primary ensuite where there wasn’t one previously.  

It was important to the client to keep the back doorway and drop zone as-is.  It’s where she would come in when visiting, dropping backpacks and the like, and she really wanted to preserve that memory.

We took down the wall where a desk once was to make the space more conducive to entertaining and hosting family gatherings.  This allowed for a large island – beautifully crafted by our friends at Level Custom Designs – with some great mid-century style reeded details.

The world’s smallest range HAD to go to function for this growing family.  So, we reimagined the layout integrating a coffee area and moved the sink to the island.

To make room for the ensuite, we snuck space from the adjacent nursery, which was extra large, to begin with.  Putting the tub inside the shower allowed us to make the ensuite the smallest footprint possible while creating a great splash-away zone for a baby and toddler.  No need to worry about splashing when there’s a drain right there!