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Why More Professional Couples Are Hiring Interior Designers Than Ever Before

The internet has made it easier to copy looks from Pinterest or Instagram, yet more and more people are deciding to hire an Interior Designer to help bring their home and vision to life.  Here’s why:

Your time should be spent doing what you do best.  Your clients come to you because you’re the expert and they achieve a better outcome as a result.  Managing a design project will take upwards of 60-100 hours per room.  Our clients know that’s not the best use of their time.

We can do it more efficiently.  You may have done one or two renovations in your time, but we manage projects all day, every day

We are your go-to experts.  We don’t just pick pretty things.  Our deep and ever growing knowledge of materials, furniture construction, and trend cycles will help you make sound investments in one of your biggest assets.


Our focus is on YOU – not padding our portfolio.

Many clients feel incredibly nervous for their first meeting with an interior design professional.  However, our clients feel at ease from the moment we walk through the door.

Our non-judgemental approach to design focuses on YOU and the outcomes you want to achieve within your home.

A focus on beauty and wellness for you and your family.

We are the ONLY firm in Southwestern Ontario certified in design harmony.  Design Harmony is practice that marries beautiful interiors with factors linked to both mental and physical health.

Design Harmony has been used in commercial design for decades and is extremely well documented in the reduction of cortisol (the stress hormone) and anxiety.


Communication is our super power

The #1 feedback that we receive from our clients is that they are blown away by our commitment to simple, streamlined communication.  You’ll never wonder what we’re working on or what’s happening on your project.  And you’ll never feel as if you need to jump in and take control of the project — after all, that’s why you hired us.

Feel the difference from your very first meeting.  

“Good design is timeless, comfortable, and a reflection of who you are.  It is not intended to impress others or to follow trends, rather to inspire, energize, and motivate those that live there on a daily basis”

Heather Prestanski, Founder + Creative Director

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Interior Design Budget Guide

Understanding what your dream home will cost to renovate, furnish, and decorate is incredibly important!  We’ve taken the data from hundreds of projects and share with you what you can expect to pay in terms of materials, labour, and furnishings in order to create the home of your dreams.

our design style is your style.

Many interior decorators and designers work only within their own style.  It’s apparent in their work and on their website.  However, you won’t find that here because we believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are.

In a word, our style is comfortable.  That’s where our name comfortable dwelling comes from.  It’s high quality comfort without feeling pretentious.  Your friends will know your space is well put together and impressive, but the finished room never feels stuffy or like you can’t actually use it.

We don’t want you to have to think about redecorating every 5-7 years when your grey modern farmhouse, “warm modern” or “modern midcentury” design becomes dated. We seek to create something that showcases your personality. That tells the world who you are. And that suits the style and period of your home.  That’s a recipe for timeless design.

Now let’s be clear around what we do. People think that a designer’s sole job is to make things pretty. That’s only 20% of what we do at Comfortable Dwelling.

 Of course we create beautiful spaces.  But we don’t consider ourselves decorators or designers. Instead, we act as interior 

consultants for our clients in that 80% of our job is in consideration of your experience, your investment, and how you’ll live in the space.

There are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of decisions that a homeowner makes when renovating or building a home.  Our clients choose us because our processes give them confidence that every one of these decisions are handled down to the very last detail.

Every Friday you’ll receive an update from us going over what was done this week, what we’re working on next week, and what we need from you at that time.  You’ll never feel like you need to hop in and take the reigns because you’ll know that we have your project handled.

We understand that not everyone is going to need full design to completion which is why we’ve designed our flat-fee design services to help whether you just need some quick design advice or you’re doing a full-scale new build or renovation.

No matter what level of design service you need — either locally in Chatham-Kent Windsor-Essex or from a distance across Canada — it all begins with our Discovery Process…

This green and floral powder room by Windsor based interior designer is a stunner

our interior design team

Committed to creativity, fun, and operational excellence.

Heather and Kyle Prestanski are the husband-and-wife team who founded Comfortable Dwelling.

Heather comes from a line of successful business owners within Chatham-Kent and has a deep passion for creativity and the arts.  With former experience in finance and executive-level leadership, she comes into design with a keen understanding around budgeting and running a successful project.

Kyle’s background is in logistics which makes him the perfect person to head up our procurement division.  We call him the details guy because he is exceptional at reviewing projects with a fine-tooth comb.  Kyle also brings expertise in sustainable and health-conscious sourcing as he holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences.

Together, Heather and Kyle built Comfortable Dwelling after poor experiences with trades and designers who were great at their craft, but terrible at managing a project.  Their goal is to take all of the pain of managing a renovation off of your shoulders allowing you to focus on the things you’re best at instead.

Interior design duo Heather and Kyle Prestanski serving Chatham and Windsor

Heather Prestanski (she/her)
Founder, Creative Director

Heather’s passion and talent for design is matched only by her education and experience.  She has her Interior Design degree, Interior Decorating Diploma, and over 1,000+ study hours in many design disciplines like Design-Build, Process Management, and Design Harmony.

Heather touches every project through creative direction and signs off on each design that leaves our studio.


Kyle Prestanski (he/him)
Founder, Procurement Lead

Kyle is ALL about the details!  You’ll typically be working with him during the ordering, shipping, delivery, and installation phase of your project.

Kyle works with our trade partners and vendors along with running our climate-controlled warehousing facilities to ensure that each and every piece that comes into your home is perfect.


Melissa Craig (she/her)
Design Coordinator

Melissa is the glue that holds our team together!  She is fiercely detailed and goes above and beyond to ensure every detail of the job gets done. 

Melissa’s experience as a competitive dance choreographer makes her the perfect person to dive into the organization and precise details on every project.


Laura Varela (she/her)
Intermediate Designer

Laura is a graduate of Interior Design and is our resident sourcing.  She thrives in solving challenging layouts and brainstorming creative solutions to help create your dream space.  Laura is involved with most of our project visuals and sourcing and often leads our smaller projects.

Lilian Gungner (they/them)
Architectural Technologist

Lilian comes to us with a wealth of experience working for Architecture and Design firms in the Ottawa Valley.  They are creative, quick-witted, and uber technically savvy!  Lilian is involved with many of our technical drawings, interior architecture, and modelling.

Most of the 3D models and construction drawings are Lilian’s work!


Our Process + Services

Wow. We’ve worked with a lot of designers in the area and no one has provided the level of detail and accuracy Comfortable Dwelling has.  It makes our job a lot easier

This is what numerous Contractors have had to say when we bring them in on jobs.  Our process means you get more competitive bids and more accurate work from Trades on your project.

Learn more about our process and services:

Common Mistakes

Avoid these common decorating mistakes that fill homeowners with regret…

This short book contains common misconceptions that interior designers and home decor stores don’t want you to figure out…  

It was written by our Creative Director and founder Heather Prestanski so it’s a great way to get to know us!  You’ll be surprised at what’s inside.

Grab your free copy:

How Much Does It Cost?

Furnishing + Decor:  
Our unique 1-Room-1-Price offering means that you’ll get everything for your room – the furniture, rug, decor, draperies, artwork, paint and lighting – all for one flat fee which includes a professional design plan and done-for-you styling.

Kitchens, baths, renovations and builds:
Our fees are always flat fee so there are never any surprises when it comes to your design fees.  Our process is built to ensure the things that matter most to you wind up accounted for in your project budget.

 Learn more about budgeting for your project:

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We share the ins-and-outs of our projects, design decisions, daily life and even a look at our own home renovation on our Style Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our process and projects by enjoying a video or reading a post.

Our enjoy our Saturday Saves where we share what’s inspiring us this week.

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Whether you’re looking for help with your 10,000 square foot home, a modest-sized bedroom, or you just need help picking a paint colour, we always begin with a Discovery Phone Call.

On this 30-minute call, we will learn more about your project, your style, your timeline and your budget.  We will also walk you through our process and, based on your needs and budget, what service we believe is the best fit.

Then, if it feels good for both of us, we will walk you through the next steps.

It’s that simple!

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Design Resources

Budget Guide

We’ve taken the most common rooms in a home and totalled budgets by line item in 3 different categories: high quality, good quality, and low quality.

Inside you’ll see a breakdown of everything you may need or want in your room and what to expect it to cost so that you can set a budget and stick to it!

Comfortable Dwelling Book

Avoid these common decorating mistakes that fill homeowners with regret…

This short book contains common misconceptions that interior designers and home decor stores don’t want you to figure out…  

Style Blog

We share detailed articles dedicated to design process, inspiration, before + afters, cautionary tales, and more!

Our readers love our casual approach to our writing and how much detailed attention we pour into every post.  It’s the perfect place to begin when looking for answers and inspiration for your next project!

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Our DIY and Virtual Consultation services are available for interiors anywhere in the world!

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