get your design for free.

Save up to $6,000 per room and experience full-service design…

Working with us typically isn’t cheap.
It isn’t cheap to have any professional spend 30+ hours planning layouts, sourcing all of the perfect items, presenting, revising, preparing 3D models, Request for Quotes and elevation drawings.

It isn’t cheap to make the process seamless for our clients so that they can focus their time on what they do best.

It isn’t cheap to keep up-to-date with the latest furniture, fabric, appliance, finishes, and material technologies so that your design will last.

 If it was cheap, it wouldn’t be a Comfortable Dwelling design. 

That said, the cost of furniture has risen by 40% or more in the past 24-months.  That’s a hard hit to your furnishings budget.

We believe in the importance of good design.  We believe in it SO much that we have revolutionized a way to work with furniture vendors and suppliers so that you get beautiful and functional space for the same price as what you’d pay if you were to DIY it*.

Yes, you read that right.  A room that’s fully furnished and styled for you by a professional design team without you having to stress over anything yourself.


Does Your Project Qualify?

To be eligible, your project must meet the following criteria:

Your Timeline Allows Room For Design Time

Good design takes time.  It will take 2 weeks from your scheduled start date to see your initial design in 3D, another 2 weeks to source all of the furniture, lighting, window treatments and decor for your space, and then 2 weeks once your design and furniture is approved to complete any necessary documentation for optional construction elements.

Add in two rounds of revisions – one after you see the initial design concept and another after our furniture meeting – and the design process rounds out at 8 weeks from your scheduled start date with furniture being ordered in week 6.

Your Furnishing Budget Is Sufficient to Fully Complete The Space

In general, most rooms will require a minimum of $10,000 to furnish and style – even if we’re doing it from discount online retail giants (you know the ones).  Therefore, we require a $10,000 minimum budget for furniture, decor and window treatments per room.

If you’d like a mix of low-quality and good-quality items, you should have a $15,000 budget for furniture, window treatments and decor.

And if you want to invest in good quality items that will last for decades, you should have a minimum $20,000 budget for furniture, window treatments and decor.

If your project also involves construction – such as built-ins, a fireplace, etc, we will design that also!


Your Project Does Not Involve Major Construction, a Bathroom or a Kitchen

Yes, we can help you with these types of projects (please visit our Services page), however, kitchens and baths do not yet qualify under our All-Inclusive Program.

If you are building or doing a major renovation, we would still love to work with you and we can absolutely add on a design package if your project also includes these spaces to complete everything at once.  Just let us know on our Discovery Phone Call!

Learn More About The Comfortable Dwelling
All-Inclusive Design Package

Here Is The Next Step:

We always begin with a Discovery Phone call and Getting Started Questionnaire.  This process allows you to get to know more about us and our process and allows us to learn more about your project scope, personal style, and functional needs.

The call takes about 30-minutes and, if it feels like a fit for both of us, we will chat about booking your in-home Style + Ideas Session so that we can see the space and get to know you better before putting your project on the calendar.

If your project meets the following criteria:
1.  Your timeline allows for a professional design plan
2.  Your furniture + decor budget meets the criteria listed above

Then book your Discovery Phone Call to learn more today:

*We earn a commission from suppliers which means that the furniture vendor pays your design fee for you!  Should the vendor not have a stocking dealer program, a mark-up is applied to the product less any Designer Discounts available from the vendor.