The Earthy Casual Studio

Do you want to see how we are helping make this beautiful apartment a home for a client? We’re going to be doing the install in early October here, but I wanted to share with you the design plan and the presentation and how we’re moving this forward.

So this design right here, we’re really going for those earth tone colours, the greens, the rusts, the mustards, bringing in a little hint of a grey blue, but they really wanted that warm feeling versus the cooler side of the colour palette. So, very excited to do that because a lot of our clients kind of prefer that warmer side.

This is the living room right here. We ended up doing a neutral drape. So at first when we presented this, I think we did a green drape and brought it into more of the olives, but the client decided that they really wanted to do more of a mint green in the space. So we brought in a mint and then through the pillows and everything else or helping to tie that mint together to the other side.

The client decided on a nice, big, beautiful print here for behind the sofa.

So, as you can tell in the video, the flooring in this space is dark brown and extremely busy. So probably not what we would have picked or what the client would have picked because we don’t really want our floors to be the boss of the room. We don’t want them to be the focal point of the room, but that’s what we have to work with. So the way that we make it work is by bringing in some more of those reddish tones into the remainder of the furniture. Now this furniture here is not the clients. This was here to stage the apartment here.

So if we go over to this wall here, you can see that we’ve got this lovely lamp on the side. We brought in an ottoman so the client has a place like put up their feet and relax or have extra people over because it’s a super teeny-tiny, living room with not a lot of room for furniture.

If we go into the office space, this was actually a main bedroom the client wants to use as their office/craft room. We brought in these beautiful rust covered coloured drapes in here and this gorgeous neutral rug. And then I’m so excited to show you guys these green lamps, because they came in, they’re at our warehouse, and they might be my favourite lamp ever. They’re just so, so pretty. And we’ve got a really pretty buffet coming here with leather pulls and everything else. The client is bringing over their Ikea cabinets. That is going to line this back wall and give them just a ton of storage. And they also have a desk that they had previously ordered from Leon’s that we’re bringing into this space as well.

So you can see finishing this off with a nice big piece of art. That just really helps to extend the room and make it feel a lot more luxe. Here’s another view of this office space. Big, comfy cozy chair in the corner here and it really is going to feel amazing.

And then we go into the bedroom. So the bedroom was actually the den in this space, but the client wants to use it as their bedroom space. So they’re going to be painting this back wall in a beautiful dark olive-green. And then we’re going to add a ledge up here for artwork to kind of be displayed. We’re going to do a gorgeous bed and then a couple of side tables with some sconces up above.

So this particular client has cats and she doesn’t want things to get knocked over when the cats start jumping on things so we thought that doing a couple of plug-in sconces on either side of the bed was a great way to create this great focal point around the bed, make it get super functional, but keep the side tables clear because this room is super teeny-tiny and we needed as much space as we could get.

So that is the overall plan for the space. I cannot wait to show it to you guys. Make sure that you stay tuned for the after photos, and we will see you soon.