The Contemporary Coastal

Do you want to see how we transformed this cozy cottage into a beautiful contemporary coastal retreat? I’m going to walk you through the design presentation.

This one here is going to be installed probably late October, mid November. So you’ll definitely get to see some of the after pictures in there. Some of the work is already underway and we are so excited to show you!

This is the before here, you can see it was painted this yellow colour it was really reflecting off some of the light, making it feel a little sickly, and it wasn’t really bringing the attention to the beautiful, beautiful beach and water that was inside of this home.

Eventually, these clients are going to be doing a big renovation and addition. And so this is going to be more of a furnishing project and not everything will be done this time around. We’re going to keep the terrazzo floors until the big renovation, and then eventually switch those out. But for the meantime, we’ve got the overall design plan for these spaces.

So let’s start here with the fireplace wall. Now this wall right here, you can see has the big stone fireplace, which is great for a coastal cottage, but we wanted to make this wall function just a little bit better in this space. So what we did was we did hang the TV up in this space here beside the fireplace, hung a mirror on the brick itself, just because stone tends to suck in a lot of light. By hanging a mirror on the stone, and it’s going to reflect the light back into the space and keep that light, bright, airy feeling, even though it has such low ceilings. So we’re going to keep all of that paneling and just paint it out a soft light, grey colour and bring our sofa and furniture arrangement.

It was surprising when we started placing furniture in this place, just how big the space was, because it definitely didn’t feel that big when we were in there. So you can see the difference. There’s me doing my meeting there, but you can see the difference between this and then going into here where we’re bringing the dining area is still going to be over here. But this right here is an 8ft table and we can extend it out to 10 to 12 people very easily. There’s more than enough room. And then all of the extra chairs are going to be used at the desks in the other part, in the bedrooms in the cottage. So that way everything has a place and we don’t need to find storage for it because it is a cottage.

And then if we go into this way, let’s take a look at the living room area. So this is one of my favourites. We brought in a beautiful blue sofa, a lighter kind of grey sofa. And then, we ended up switching the ottoman for a coffee table. My clients went to another one of my client’s house. They saw the coffee table at their house, really wanted that. And so, we switched that out for kind of a dual nesting coffee table in there, brought a big, beautiful abstract rug to anchor the space. This is a giant rug. I think it’s about a 10′ by 14′. So that’s going to really help to define the space within the open area and split up the living room and the dining ground.

So you can see, I mean, this is a pretty big arrangement and there was still room to spare inside of this space. All of the view is sort of out this way. So we still have a place to sit and enjoy the view, enjoy that water, but also relax and watch TV on a rainy day or sort of at night when you’re at the cottage. And then kind of going in this way, you can see that we did move the light fixtures down a bit, just to help define that dining area. We went with a lighter wood throughout, which is going to create a lot more warmth. Then in this back corner over here, we did a sideboard piece with a couple of lamps and a beautiful piece of art.

I’m not going to go into all of the bedrooms, but here’s one last look of the living room space. So we have a sliding barn door on this wall back here, and then there is actually another separate entrance over here, which will eventually lead out to the extension.

Everything in this space, I think it’s just going to be so pretty. It has that air of traditional. So it has that real comfort of traditional furniture, but it also is very, very casual and very put together. We can’t wait to show you guys the after pictures of this one!

Hope that you are enjoying seeing these design meeting presentations and some of the drawings and renderings and things like that. And we will see you on the next one.