Styling Kitchen Countertops

Styling a kitchen can feel daunting.  Most people’s countertops are cluttered with small appliances and it can feel overwhelming some days just to get the dirty dishes put away!  

But styling your countertops can really modernize a kitchen for very little money in just a few hours.  

We’ve put together some steps to help you achieve a beautiful counter space (sans clutter!) like a designer pro.

1.  Clear out any clutter

The easiest way to start is to clean and declutter. Put small appliances away.  One of the most important things is to ensure your countertops are workable and easy to prepare food at.

2.  Consider the different “zones” of your kitchen

There are multiple zones in your kitchen. You have a zone where you prepare food. This should be kept clean.  Another zone exists around the stove where you may need things like a recipe or a wooden spoon.

Carefully consider all of the different ways your kitchen is used and what things you need in each of those areas.

You’ll also want to think about what the first areas are you see when you walk into the space.

As well as any “dead” areas of countertops that are the perfect spots to fill with decor (Think the deep crevices under corner cabinetry).

3.  Create “moments” on your countertop

Create 2-5 different moments throughout your kitchen counter landscape — one in each of the “zones” that you’ve thought out.  

Maybe you add a fruit bowl to the middle of an island and choose coloured fruits that match your scheme.

Alternatively, you could place a cook book holder by the stove open to a beautiful page on a tray, with some oils or spaces carefully arranged with it.

Or, you could bring in some florals which always help to soften the hard surfaces of a kitchen workspace.  (We love using fake plants so the leaves don’t drop into your food causing a mess!)

When creating these moments, you’ll want to consider:

1.  How is the “Zone” used.  Do you often chop and prepare your vegetables?  Then you’ll want to include a cutting board in the zone moment.  If you often prepare coffee in that space, then maybe the coffee accessories are a must.

2.  After you’ve chosen the practical item, add in a “live” item like a plant, fruit, or floral.

3.  Complete your collection with an interesting object.  This might be a knick-knack or a photo or a kitchen gadget that is striking and off-the-wall.

4. Step back and edit the space

Add things where your counters look bare. And play around with removing things where you feel they may be cluttered. The editing phase is the most important when it comes to striking a balance that feels perfectly you.