Our Top Modern Bedroom Furniture Picks

Where do you relax in your home?⁠

For most, it’s in the bedroom. The bedroom is such a personal place. It’s a room of rest and relaxation.⁠

When you go on vacation, often a hotel room has just a bedroom and bathroom! It’s truly all we need to maximize our chill when we’re away, so why do we often ignore our bedrooms at home?

The Principal Bedroom is often one of the last rooms done in the house.  People tend to throw a bedroom set in there, slap up some paint, and call it a day.  This means we miss out on the opportunity to create a space that’s just for us where we can escape to in order to put in some R&R.

To help inspire your bedroom makeover, here are some of my top modern bedroom furniture picks that blend beautifully in transitional and modern spaces.

1. The Comfortable Dwelling Bed + Headboard Collection

Shameless plug, but I think our headboards and beds are pretty awesome.  I just love putting a patterned hero fabric on them to make a huge statement in the bedroom.  Or, they’re just as pretty done in a timeless solid.

In a Principal Bedroom, I prefer an unpholstered headboard to wood because it’s far more comfortable, lush, and we can play with colour and pattern to bring in a lot more personality.

Wood bedroom sets that you buy at a furniture store are boringdark, and they completely suck the life out of a room.

Nobody would want to fall into a rock hard mattress, right?  Adding an upholstered headboard and rails ups how welcoming and cozy the bed feels overall.

2. The Belmont Metal Dresser

While a love a good wood dresser with interesting details, I’m obsessed with this black metal dresser with brass knob detailing.

When looking for a dresser, you want to ensure that it’s sturdy enough to last through carrying all the heavy weight packed into its drawers despite pulling it open multiple times a day.  And what’s more sturdy then iron, really?

I think this piece is completely unexpected and very on trend right now.  However, because of the warm brass detailing and the neutral black colour it can easily become a timeless chameleon piece that remains current looking for decades.

This piece is available to the Chatham and Windsor area through Comfortable Dwelling.

Photo credit: Four Hands

3. 100% Organic Cotton Sheets + Duvet

I usually begin styling a bed with a white or soft grey sheet set and duvet cover.  This makes the perfect foundation for layering throws and pillows.  Plus, I always like to know when my bedding is dirty so that I can wash it because no one likes sleeping in dirty sheets and dark colours can hide the things we need to know are there before hopping on in!

Most people think that they should purchase the sheets with the highest thread count…

This is actually a ploy by marketers to sell sheets at volume.  

Many manufacturers now make the highest thread count they can with a low quality yarn in order to trick consumers into thinking they are high quality.

However, a high thread count with low quality yarn will cause scratchy pills over time.

If you want the softest sheets that last, then I recommend looking for the following in your sheet sets:

1. High quality yarn.  I prefer an organic cotton becuase non-organic cotton is grown with many pesticides.  Since we spend 8 hours a day wrapped in our bedding, we certainly don’t want that time to be spent amongst harmful chemicals!

2. Long staple.  The staple of a sheet refers to the length of the fibre.  The longer the fibre, the stronger the fabric.  When the cotton is strong and made with long staple, it’s less likely to pull and to pill keeping your sheets feeling extra soft for longer.

3. Weave.  I usually go for a sateen weave, which is a tighter weave that gives a softer more luxe feeling.

4.  Thread Count.  Notice this is at the bottom of the list.  I usually opt for sheets that are about 400 thread count.  Anything higher than that at under $200 for the set is going to be severely lacking in quality on the other 3 must-haves.  

My all-time favourite sheet sets and duvets are by White Terry Home.

In Windsor and Chatham you can purchase these through Comfortable Dwelling.

4. My Favourite Mattress

Mattresses cana be deeply personal and given we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, I think it’s so important to invest in a great mattress.

That said, I’ve learned that mattresses are one of the most marked up products out there (up to 900% markup which is insane!).  It’s right up there with movie popcorn which I think is why there’s been a real rise in popularity around the online mattress brands.

My favourite mattress that I’ve ever slept in is the one exclusively made for the Aria hotel in Las Vegas – the Sealy Suite Mattress.  It’s the most comfy mattress I’ve ever slept in hands down and they do sell them through the Aria At Home collection.  That said, the price is pretty steep and I have no clue what it’d cost to ship to Canada but I assume it’d be a pretty hefty shipping charge.

Mattresses are the one thing that I typically have clients purchase on their own when doing an interior design or decorating job because some like it firm, others like it soft and some like it somewhere in between.

However, I do get questions all the time about the online mattresses and the one I always recommend is the Haven Mattress because of its low off gassing.

If you don’t know about off gassing already, I would definitely look into it because it’s a wide contributor to illnesses like cancer and prevalently caused by furnishings.  Mattresses are a HUGE contributor to offgassing and due to the amount of time we spend on ours, doesn’t it make sense to choose a healthier option?

I love that these mattresses come in a box which makes it so easy to move.  Plus they’re the only mattress approved by the Chiropractic Association which is great.

Their Lux mattress line is the one that I recommend because it’s a more standard depth then other mattresses-in-a-box that weirdly come only 8-10″ deep so you need custom sheets.  It’s also the most supportive of their line and comes with a firm and plush option so no matter how you sleep you’ll be covered.

This is NOT sponsored by the way, nor do I earn affiliate commission on mattresses.  This is simply the advice I give clients in order for them to begin their search for the perfect mattress.

5.  The best area rugs for your bedroom

To me, an area rug is an essential investment when it comes to a bedroom because there’s nothing worse then plopping your feet onto a cold floor first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night when you get up to use the washroom.  You want something cozy under foot instead!

Of course, if you have carpet in the bedroom an area rug isn’t necessary.  But with the trend having been towards hardwoods for so long now, the vast majority of homes I’m in these days definitely need an area rug.

The size of the rug is something most people get wrong.

You want at least 2′ of rug on the left, right and to the front of the bed.

This means that if you have a King bed, you’ll need at least an 8’X10′ rug.

When it comes to rugs, the price can vary greatly depending on the contruction of the rug and the quality of the material.

The price also carries a wide range depending on the size of the rug with an 8X10 being about double the price of a 5X8 and a 9X12 being about double that of an 8X10.

So when you’re looking at how to spend your rug budget, here is the order or priority:

1.  Always prioritize the size of the rug first.  A rug that’s too small will make your room look smaller and feel cheaper.

2. Within that size, buy the best construction that you can afford.  A hand knotted rug will be the longest lasting, however they’re very expensive and can easily cost $3,500-$8,000 or more depending on the thickness of the yarn and the intricacy of the pattern.

A machine-made rug is the lowest quality rug you can buy.  You can tell it’s machine made because it’ll have a bound border along the edges and a glue backing.  There’s nothing wrong with a machine made rug, but it won’t last as long as hand knotted will and the glue on the back will produce off gassing in your bedroom.

Here are some of my favourite area rugs from shopcomfortabledwelling.com right now.  I’ve hand selected a collection of my favourite rugs in various constructions and materials to suit all needs.