Open Concept Main Floor Design Plan Before + After

Today I’m showing you behind the scenes of a design that we previously presented to a client.

This right here is a before shot. We we had a gray room. We have kind of these darkish floors. We’re thinking about maybe replacing the flooring and really wanted to keep this sofa. The sofa is a gray leather. There’s nice big windows in this home. The room itself does feel a little bit dark because the paint that they had chosen and the flooring that they had chosen was sucking up a lot of the light.

On the other side of this room, we have an entry hallway. You can see this is where the dog hangs out. This is where the computer is. And again, we have all of these great windows. And all along this side here as well, where all a bunch more, just the entire wall full of windows. So we’ve got some great windows and great opportunity for some natural lighting inside of this room.

Let’s take a peek at the design that we put together here!

Instead of having a rectangular table, it was such a tiny home that we went with a round table instead and that allowed us to seat two additional people. Round tables actually do seat more people comfortably than a rectangular table does. And so we tend to use them a lot in small spaces.

We lightened up the wall colour here as you can see. We went substantially lighter on the wall colour. Not quite a white – it was a little bit more of a light grayish colour. And that really allowed the space to bring in a ton of natural light. And also by lightening up the floors, it allows you the light to kind of reflect off the floor so that you can see it just is a lot brighter, but we have a lot of that masculine contrast throughout the space as well.

Little hints of industrial and little hints of modern with some farmhouse elements, like these cute leather back chairs. We kept the living room over on this side over here, but instead of having the couch divide this space that made this space feel a lot smaller, we instead rotate it to go underneath the windows.

On the windows, we went with floor to ceiling drapery panels and added in some wood shades here for privacy because when we have windows that big, it can be really difficult to get them open and close all the way around the room. And we broke it up here with adding more of a cute little Roman shade instead, with the office, to create a bit of a focal point when you block in the entry.

The clients already had a little bit of the blues and the grays and obviously wanted to keep their gray couch. We brought in a lot of blacks and neutrals and things like that throughout the space. They already had a rug like this over here. So that kind of dictated our colour palette that we went with throughout the room.

On the TV wall, you can see we built a storage all the way across this wall because there’s actually a little bedroom off to this side right here, a bedroom door that’s just out of view here in this particular photo. So that gave us extra storage for the bedroom that will eventually maybe become a kid’s room or a nursery.

Instead of using an entertainment stand, we actually used a dresser because these guys had a massive storage problem and this allows for a little bit of storage overflow to come from the teeny tiny bedrooms or to come from the kitchen or anywhere else. And then some open storage here allows them at the bottom to place some boxes and baskets and other clothes storage to keep things out of sight while displaying some prettier things at the top.

We use things like empty books and some old rocks in display cases and some more natural elements like plants and wood based candles in order to bring a little bit more warmth into the space and a little bit more character into the space that doesn’t have a lot of character naturally.

And so then if we look at the entryway here, we kept the dog crate where it was. We stuck a dog there so that you could tell. But underneath the windows here, we did, again, a big bank of storage and you could even put a pillow on top of that and make it a little bit of a storage bench if you wanted to so that people could take off the shoes when they’re coming in that front door.

We also cleaned up the desk a little bit. By giving them some more storage so that all of the stuff that was on top of the desk would be able to get tucked neatly away. And give them a table and a little desk lamp here, which is a little bit more functional than the overhead lights that they had with a cord running up the wall, which was a bit of a hazard.

And then they already had a runner, they had a runner actually that was sitting in between their dining and living room currently. So we just swiped that over into the hallway.

I hope you guys are enjoying seeing some of these sneak peeks, some of these behind the scenes of our designs that we’re presenting to our clients.

We’ll be posting a few more of these videos soon!