Art Deco Kids Room

Hey there! I’m going to walk you through another project reveal!

Now, this is a condo design that we were working on in Toronto. This one went through a number of iterations because the client changed their mind and design direction, so it was really fun to see all of the different ways that this project could come together. I’m going to show you one of the final iterations before the client took that project and started to pull it together themselves.

This one right here was a DIY, which means that we were essentially giving them the overall vision and design for it, and then they were taking that and shopping and then selling for things themselves, so this is what the condo looked like when they purchased it. This was actually real estate photos. We were never in the space, which is really exciting when we can do that just by having measurements and really watch it all come together. It’s pretty cool.

The plan here was to close up these doors because it was kind of weird. This is a kid’s bedroom and these French doors led off into the living space, so it was a little bit awkward if you’re entertaining. Then, there’s the doors for the kids are right there, and there’s another door over here, so they were going to close up these doors right here. Then we needed room for three kids, so we needed a crib and we needed two twin-size beds in this space, so it is a nice big space.

Let’s talk a little bit about the colour story and where we were going with that. We wanted it to be this deep, rich, moody, Art-Deco-inspired space. They knew for sure that they were going to be bringing in a light-coloured herringbone on the floors. This client loves using gold and brass and things like that, so we really wanted to play that up, so we wanted it to feel kind of moody, but then maybe even pull in a little bit of blush to give it a little bit of whimsy and make it comfortable, no matter whether there was a boy in there, a girl in there, or even a guest in there, because this would also double as a guest room.

Looking at the top-down view here, once the double doors are closed, that gave us enough room to do two twin-size beds with one nice size night table in the middle, which was great because we could do a chest of drawers so when guests are coming down, or because this was a secondary property, we were then able to add in some drawers to put clothes and things like that for the weekend. Then having the beds is nice as well, there’s no closet in this space, so that we can slide luggage underneath there and things like that.

You can see, we went pretty big on the rug to anchor the bed. We went with a headboard that spanned this back wall and then doing two twin-size beds over here and then an armoire over here. We need a little bit of hanging space in case there were dress clothes or things like that that needed to hang up and a crib on the side in the bay window.

As we started pulling this through, it’s that moody, Art Deco type of space: really, really pretty, bringing in lots of the greens. We found this amazing peacock wallpaper and bringing in a little bit more of that super art-deco-style rug with the more modern lamps as we pull things through. Popping things off with white will help to balance off some of the darker, more moody colours. We did try this with a white ceiling. It just didn’t feel deco enough, so we suggested going with more of that navy and pulling it up on the ceiling and it’s a really deep inky, inky navy.

This view right here, we suggested doing some sort of custom headboard with a scallop that they would end up getting made and then a rounded footboard on there as well, just to hide, if we do want to shove something under the bed, we want it to be kind of hidden. We don’t want to just have it all out there to see, so a footboard could be really nice. But what’s great about doing a headboard all the way across the wall is that when guests come over, we can push the two twin-size beds together to make it a king-size bed, and then just swap the chest over to one of the sides. That really allowed us to do that without the room falling apart or feeling off-balance.

You can see here some of the textures come to life because the rendering gets a little bit flat, so you can see this peacock wallpaper pulling out some of that nice peacock green into a velvet texture on that beautiful headboard and then some navy blue into the rug, along with some brass on the light fixture and on the dresser.

Going through a few of the products here are just some things that we had found for them to be inspired by. Really loved this carved, I think this was from Anthropology, and then this more deco- inspired piece, both of them had some great hanging space in there. This is what I was talking about for the brass sideboard there, which would be really cool to have this almost starburst metal in the side, or black would have worked really well in there, too.

How do you guys like this little reveal? I’m going to share more of our projects with you. I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve done it, but now we are bringing on more team members, I’m going to have some more time, hopefully, to breathe and share some things with you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed it. We will see you soon.

Bye for now.