The Comfortable Dwelling
Decorating Guide

Getting a designer look has never been more accessible than with the Comfortable Dwelling Decorating Guide.  This process is for those who want the expertise of a decorator but who are comfortable taking on the 80% of the project that sits inside project management themselves like shopping, shipping, storage, and moving.

Getting your design planned out to the very last detail will save you money and ensure you stay on budget during your renovation, build, or decorating project.  It’ll enable you to get a more accurate quote from trades and contractors, and even help you make smarter decisions on what to save and splurge on.

Within Chatham-Kent or Windsor-Essex this process begins with an in-home visit.  Outside of our area we will begin with a video call to discuss your project and to walk through our video on how to get us the measurements and details we need.

Within 10 days you will receive your completed custom guide that our decorating team pulls together including a mood board for each room, a 3D photorealistic rendering (if selected), paint colours, and a curated Comfortable Dwelling boutique shopping list that you can buy directly from (or take shopping with you to refer for style and sizing)

You’ll even get a coupon code for any purchases made through our boutique that you may use in store or online — this alone typically saves you more than you paid for the design service!  It’s a win-win for you!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Personalized Mood Board

Your moodboard will showcase products, colours, and textures that give an overall sense to the vision, feeling, and design of your space.  All products on the board are shoppable — meaning you can get those exact pieces OR shop on your own for things with a similar look!

3D Photorealistic Rendering OR 2-Dimensional Layout

You don’t have to try to picture what the room will look like — we’ll show you!  Our renderings are incredibly photorealistic.  You’ll see what the design looks like and how much you’ll love it before you ever drop a dime on paint, furniture or supplies.

Paint List + Coupon Code

You’ll receive a list of recommended paint colours for walls, trim, and ceiling.

Plus, you’ll get a code to save on paint so that your budget will stretch further.


Curated Shopping List

A shopping list with all of the furniture pieces needed to complete the space including dimensions, colours, options, and pricing to suit the room budget.

Coupon Code to Stretch your Budget Further

As a bonus, we’ll give you an exclusive coupon code to use on any home furnishings purchase in-store or online so that your budget will stretch further on high quality goods!

Comfortable Dwelling Decorating Guide Example Project:

Here’s an example of everything you’ll get with the CD Decorating Guide when you choose 3D renderings.

After doing an initial walkthrough of your home to gather measurements and learn more about your needs, wants, and style we head back to the studio to get to work!

Every project begins with a layout.  We do a to-scale drawing of your room and optimize furniture placements to best suit your needs.

Example layout included in the 3D Rendering Package

Example layout included in the 2D Layout Package

With the dimensions and items in mind from our layout, we prepare a mood board of products to determine the overall feel of the space:

If you’ve chosen the 3D rendering option, we get to work rendering the design.  Here you’ll see all of the details come to life — how the fabrics and colours will play with each other, how the traffic will flow, and even where to place art and accessories!







Once the design is complete, we source all of the furnishings needed to complete your look and compile them together into a shopping list.

Your shopping list will include items that we feel would be best suited for your space.  You can shop directly from that list or take it shopping with you as it’ll act as your detailed guide with pictures and measurements.

We will also give you a list of paint colours for your walls, ceiling, and trim.

As a bonus, you’ll receive coupon codes for $50 off paint and you’ll get a special discount at the Comfortable Dwelling boutique valid for 12 months towards any rug, lighting, or furniture purchase.  This alone will save you more than what you paid for the CD Decorating Guide!


When your design is complete, we will package it up and present it to you!  If you’ve chosen the 3D Rendering option, we will invite you to our studio for a full design presentation complete with material samples where you can view your design on the big screen and discuss any revisions with your designer.

If you’ve chosen the 2D Layout option, we will send your layout, paint colours, mood board, and shopping list to you via email.

Our studio is located in Tilbury and loaded with all of the things needed to visualize your space.

*Price is per room.  Taxes extra.  Open layouts with multiple rooms will be determined by the designer whether it is one space or multiple depending on size and scope.

Or give us a call at 226-996-8818