Right now you’re likely feeling one of two ways.  Either you’re excited to jump into your next decorating or renovation project…

Or you’re feeling overwhelmed and not completely confident you can pull it off.

No matter which way you’re feeling I urge you to slow down and begin with a plan.

Every beautiful home begins with a plan.
And, even if you’re super stylish, the selections that will best suit your home aren’t always obvious.

I may be biased, but I highly recommend you consider hiring an Interiors Professional to help with your project.   It’s a common misconception that we just help pick colours and make things pretty.  In fact, working with an Interiors Professional will likely save you thousands of dollars throughout your project.

Most homeowners don’t realize the range of services available to them.

A paint colour consultation can cost about the same as a good can of paint or two.  That’s fantastic value compared to repainting (or hating) your entire room.

And, if you want everything done for you like concept, sourcing, logistics, storage, ordering, overseeing trades, and installation — we can do that, too.

At my company, Comfortable Dwelling, we have created a number of packages to meet you where you are.  Whether you’re doing a small budget redecorating project or a $250,000 renovation, or building a multi-million dollar home we can offer the expertise you need to take your space to the next level.

It all begins with a free Discovery Call…


1. Book Your Free Discovery Call

Whether you’re doing a huge renovation/build or just need help selecting paint colours, all of our projects begin with a complementary Discovery Call.

When you book your call, we will ask you to complete our 5-minute Getting Started Questionnaire to help us learn more about your project and make the most of our time together.

On your 30-minute Discovery Call, Heather will probe further into your project and timeline.  If she feels it’s a fit (and if you like us, too) then she’ll review our flat fee service options so that you can begin by working with us on a very small scale before fully committing.

Our services range from short consultations to full service luxury design. 


2. Choose Your Consultation

Interiors projects are highly personal and we understand that it’s tough to bring in a total stranger to renovate or redecorate your home or commercial space.  Because of this, we have created a wide range of ways that we can work together in order to earn your trust and allow you to start small if you want to.

We’re confident that at the end of your first working session you’ll want us to continue with your project . However, if the consultation was all you needed, or you’d like to move forward without us, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive Consultation Report with all of the details we discussed to help you along your journey.



3. Pick Your Interiors Package

Only about 20% of what we do revolves around making things pretty, choosing colours, and selecting materials (although, we do this part extremely well!)

We spend the majority of our time working with vendors, manufacturers, and researching specs so that all of the technical details of your project will be just as perfect as the visual components.

When you work with us, you’re investing in a tried and true detailed process — not just a shopping service and pulling things together.

Whether you want us to handle every detail from the initial concept, to scheduling trades, to creating custom pieces, to fluffing the final toss pillow…

Or you prefer to DIY and shop yourself…

We will deliver you a space that is stylish, comfortable, and a true reflection of who you are.


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Select a time below, enter your details, and confirm your Discovery Call.  If you close this page, you will no longer be eligible to receive the 10% off service special.  The Discovery Call lasts no more than 30-minutes and, if we both feel that we can help you with your project, we will go over our service options and apply your special offer discount.

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