Project Name: I Want To Paint It Black

Scope: Kitchen + Dining Room Design

Location: Chatham, Ontario

Details: Retirees with a close-knit family



This kitchen had been well-loved over the past few decades, but it was time to modernize it.  The clients still loved their mid-century style home and wanted to keep the double-sided fireplace, meaning that this is one of the narrowest kitchens that we’ve ever had to work with!

The majority of the layout was already really functional with the island, refrigerator placement, and sink in front of the large picture window.  However, we made some tweaks in order to make it function even more – like swapping the dishwasher to the other side in order to better incorporate a pull-out garbage for the wash-up zone and building in pull-outs e in the corner cabinetry so that the client no longer has to get on her hands and knees to pull out what’s inside.

We removed a dated telephone shelf area incorporating a fantastic coffee and wine bar so that guests can access those things without being in the chef’s way when entertaining.

In the dining area, we swapped the couple’s rectangular dining table for a more functional round one and added statement lighting true to the mid-century style.  The beautiful bluestone marble table is not only stunning, but it’s also super functional when hosting their family members on a regular basis for dinners.